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    Product Description
    This machine is a most popular multi-function weight-loss device, combined with functions of far-infrared fat dissolving, air-pressure lymphatic drainage, as well as low-frequency stimulation. Operate far-infrared heating after massage (by beautician), then start the lymphatic drainage operations, and at last use low-frequency to tighten skin, to achieve systematic and comprehensive effects of fat losing and size reducing.
    This apparatus was carefully designed according to human bionics research, which combines functions of broken-fat, fat dissolved, lymphatic drainage, magnetic therapy of firm skin in one and using high-tech means to massage, do electrotherapy and pressure therapy to get significant effect.
    Low frequency pulse electricity can stimulate the muscle to fremitus and shrink, which can decompose large quantity fat cell; Electric pads put on the points, which can adjust the function of inner body and restrain to come into be fat, to accelerate metabolism.
    Infrared ray makes a direct action on the fat structure, which can release a great deal of heat energy, accelerate the circulation of blood and lymph, promote the metabolism, speed biochemistry reaction, consume AIP, make catabolism of fat cells, largely decrease the fat cells.
    Air bags are inflated and deflated regularly with continually changed air pressure, which can rub off, dissociate, smash the fat cells.
    Beautifying Body and Skin
    When weak bionic electric current stimulates sensory nerve ending in epidermis, the slack skin will be exquisite and springy.
    Relaxing and Promoting Immunity
    The circulation of blood will be accelerated and muscle will be lessened after the micro electricity works on body.
    Heat energy generated by infrared ray can lessen the tensility of muscle, relax the muscle.
    Leading-in Medicine
    Stimulating the medicine absorption to reinforce healing effect.
    Other Function
    Promoting curing, diminishing inflammation, keeping calm and sleeping peacefully, etc.
    The pressotherapy includes 20pcs of air bags, each side 10 bags (bags location as following picture). The air pressure suites include arms, abdomen, waist, legs and feet massage.
    Three air pressure modes:
    1.Compression from limbs to center part
    2.Compression from center part to limbs
    3.All air compression bags work together
    Size of each suites
    Armlength:47cm width:28-32cm
    Waistlength:47cm width:34cm
    Leglength:62cm width:27—45cm
    Footlength:45cm width:15-22cm
    The infrared temperature is high as 70 degrees, different temperature is for different functions:
    Different temperature different function
    30掳C-35掳C soothing and stimulating, a relaxing mood, sense of well-being.
    35掳C-40掳C for increased soothing effect &muscle relaxation.
    40掳C-50掳C as an adjunct to physical therapy, e.g. rheumatoid arthritis
    50掳C-60掳C for increase sweating via temperature.
    Machine20 groups of air chambers,
    8 groups of air outlets,
    8 pairs of electro stimulation,
    7 infrared heating outlets,
    3 infrared heating outlets.
    MaterialThe machine made of iron material, the clothes made of PU material, the panel made of plexiglass
    Length of each part
    Armlength:47cm width:28-32cm
    circumference: 67cm-76cm
    Waistlength:47cm width:34cm
    Circumference: 131cm
    Leglength:67cm width: 27—45cm
    circumference: 68cm-99cm
    Footlength:50cm width:15-22cm
    circumference: 32cm-41cm
    Air pressure outlet20
    Outlet of electro stimulation8 pairs
    Gas displacement25L/min
    Temperature:35~80 degree
    Input PowerAC 220V~240V / 110V~120V ,50HZ~60HZ.
    Packaging size55*45*28CM (machine),
    62*43*25CM (suit and blanket together)Customized Lymphatic Detoxification Instrument